• Desiree Burns

Benefits of Steaming Food & Veggies

With steaming, food is slowly diffused with vapor and allows the food to cook in its own juices.

  • You can steam anything from meat and vegetables to fruits.

  • Steaming is versatile.  Food can be steamed in steamer baskets, bamboo steamers or banana leaves.

  • Easy cleanup in the kitchen as no elaborate cookware is necessary for steaming.

  • No oil is used for steaming and so you get food with lower fat content.

  • Food cannot burn.

  • Cancer fighting properties of veggies is retained with steaming, which is often destroyed by overcooking.

A study conducted by researchers at the university of Illinois at Urbana found that broccoli loses its cancer-fighting properties when it is boiled or microwaved.  They found that the best way to cook broccoli is to steam it for three to four minutes.  When it is steamed and turns bright green, its cancer-fighting properties are enhanced.  An enzyme myrosinase is necessary for the cancer-fighting compound to form and when broccoli is overcooked, myrosinase is destroyed, but steaming for five minutes retains its special property.

Most firm and leafy vegetables are ideal for steaming including green beans, asparagus, okra, peppers, spinach, etc.

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